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We are a wholesale seafood supplier specializing in high quality fresh and frozen products

Selling wholesale Lobster and other seafood worldwide since 2009

Wholesale Seafood Supplier Snapper

Red Snapper

Lutjanus Spp

Wholesale Seafood Lobster tails raw Panulirus argus

Lobster Tails

Panulirus argus, Homarus

Wholesale Seafood Supplier Tiger Shrimp Raw Head on

Wholesale Seafood

Tigers, White, Gulf Whites, Head On, Peeled & Deveined

Wholesale Seafood Supplier Tuna steak

yellow Fin Tuna

Thunnus albacares

About Our Company

We have been in the fish business for 40 years making stops in New Orleans, LA, Apalachicola, FL, Miami, Florida, the Florida Keys, the Yucatan Peninsula, Bahamas, Spain, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Brazil and Panama. 

This experience was brought to Wild N Farm Seafood, which is based in Miami, leveraging our connections throughout the world importing various seafood.  We are experts in grading and packing the highest quality seafood.  Our long-standing relationships with global suppliers, industry knowledge, and familiarity with custom agents, freight forwarders, packing houses, and cold storages give us an edge.  

The pride our company has for supplying the freshest catch is due to coming from a family of chefs and we eat what sell.  We have a passion for the ocean and the fruits that it produces. 

“Keep our Oceans Alive!”

“When I am looking to impress our clients with quality seafood, there is no other place than Wild N Farm Seafood.

Fresh or frozen, lobster tails or caviar, they never disappoint!"
“Their experience is unmatched, Alfonso's expertise as a wholesale seafood supplier is so valuable. He knows sizes, types, different species, what's in season, price trends, everything.

He knows lobster like no one else”
“I have bought several containers from Wild N Farm Seafood.

Always an easy transaction, import or export, their expertise obvious, and the seafood is second to none.”
LGB Panama
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